What’s Up in Newton this Week? COVID-19 Cases continue to rise; $250,000 request for COVID-19 Emergency Operations and Supplies before Council for approval and new docket item request to accept and expend $100,000 grant from MA-DPH for COVID-19, School Committee poised to vote on Proposed FY2021 Budget, and more….

COVID-19 Update: So far, Newton has seen an increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases with a reported 157 cases up from 59 reported last week and 3 reported deaths. As we mourn those that we have lost and pray for quick recoveries for those who have been infected, we do have evidence that the social/physical distancing that has been imposed is working. Newton resident, Jack Prior, has been analyzing the data and the impact on our protective social and physical distancing orders appears to be helping to flatten the curve. So please, stay-at-home, wear a cloth or home-made mask or face covering when going outside for only the most necessary of errands, (Please donate medical-grade N95s, surgical masks, and other PPE equipment to our first responders, healthcare and frontline workers), and avoid congregating with anyone outside your immediate household for at a minimum, the next few weeks. We can get through this, help each other, our family, friends, and neighbors, and save lives if we all heed this advice. City of Newton COVID-19 updates can be found here, Commonwealth of Massachusetts updates can be found here, and CDC updates can be found here.

$250,000 set aside for COVID-19 to be voted on TONIGHT. A request to transfer $250,000 from Free Cash to fund an emergency fund for operations and supplies will be before the Full Council for approval tonight. In addition, a request to accept and expend a Massachusetts Department of Health grant of $100,000 ” for the purpose of additional compensation in the form of overtime, additional personnel resources and the purchase of emergency supplies necessary to help the City of Newton prepare for and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic” is on the new docket.

$244,645,343 Budget proposal before the School Committee TONIGHT. The FY2021 Superintendent’s Proposed Budget, which represents an $8.3 million increase (3.5%) over last year’s budget will be before the School Committee TONIGHT for a VOTE. The meeting, as all City meetings, will be virtual. Information on how to join the meeting can be found on the School Committee’s agenda here.

Speaking of Budgets…City Council Budget Calendar can be found here. Usually, the Mayor presents the City’s Proposed Budget to the City Council at its Full City Council meeting the day after Patriot’s Day. Stay tuned.

Weekly Road Construction continues: This week’s Road Construction schedule can be found here.