What’s Up This Week in Newton? Number of Reported Covid-19 cases increase in Newton, Request for $250,000 for Emergency Operations – Supplies “should the need arise”, Zoning and Planning Committee to discuss Open Space and Recreation Plan and Zoning Redesign, and Union Twist – Retail Marijuana and Riverside on Land Use Agenda.

COVID-19 Cases in Newton: According to the City’s website, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is 14 as of March 20, 2020. The United Way of Mass Bay and Merrimack Valley and the City of Newton have created a fund – Newton COVID-19 Care Fund to help families and individuals who have been financially impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Go here for more information and to donate.

$250,000 Request for COVID-19 Emergency Operations and Supplies – TONIGHT – The Finance Committee will discuss and vote on a request to transfer $250,000 from June 30th, 2019 Certified Free Cash to an Emergency Operations and Supplies Account ” for the purpose of being prepared to act, should the need arise.” The agenda can be found here.

The Open Space and Recreation Plan and Zoning Redesign are on TONIGHT’s Zoning and Planning Committee’s Agenda.

Retail Marijuana and Riverside Mixed-Use Development on Tuesday’s Land Use Committee Agenda. The Land Use Committee will discuss and review a proposed retail marijuana shop to be located at 1158 Beacon Street, Union Twist. In addition, the Land Use Committee, focusing on Design Guidelines and project updates, will also take up the proposed Riverside Change of Zone and Special Permit/Site Plan Approval request. Responses to previously submitted Councilor questions can be found here.