What’s Up in Newton this Week? A bunch of items postponed from the last City Council meeting on TONIGHT’s Docket, New Docket includes a request to require background checks on dog walkers, Voting on March 3rd – Presidential Primary and Local Referendum on Northland, Request to limit or prohibit fossil fuel infrastructure and more…..

Full City Council to meet TONIGHT and vote on several items postponed from its last meeting – Two requests for free standing signs (40 Austin Street and 84 Needham Street), two requests for extension of time to exercise a special permit (20-22 Circuit Avenue and 105 Temple Street) and a request to amend the funding source for $740,000 to fund legal and conservation restriction expenses for Webster Woods were postponed from the last Council meeting. See Reports Docket here.

Council to look at elimination of parking minimums and background checks on dog walkers: The New Docket includes an item in Zoning and Planning Committee to amend the Zoning Ordinance to eliminate mandated parking minimums and an item to review and amend the off-leash dog ordinance to include requiring background checks on dog walkers. See New Docket here.

Vote on Tuesday, March 3rd! If you haven’t already voted or didn’t receive numerous mailings, emails, etc, about an upcoming election – here you go – VOTE on Tuesday, March 3rd and be sure to ask for the second ballot – the local referendum on Northland! Election info can be found here. NOTE: New Polling location for Ward 2 Precinct 1.

SOI on Countryside and Franklin Elementary Schools and potential limitation or prohibition on fossil fuel infrastructure – The Public Facilities Committee will discuss and vote on a request to submit a Statement of Interest to the Massachusetts State Building Authority for funding to pursue renovation/addition at both the Countryside and Franklin Elementary Schools. They will will also consider an item limiting and possibly prohibiting fossil fuel infrastructure for new construction and substantial renovation projects. See Public Facilities Committee Agenda here.

Weekly Road Construction Schedule: This week’s Road Construction Schedule can be found here.