City Council Committee Meetings – Week of November 24th

Committee of the Whole: The City Council will as a Committee of the Whole on Monday, November 25th at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber. The agenda is solely focused on the acquisition of Webster Woods. While the meeting is open to the public, it is possible that there will be a motion to go into Executive Session in order to discuss the purchase, exchange, lease or value of Webster Woods and strategy with regards to litigation. The 75 page agenda can be found here.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee will meet on Monday, November 25th following the Committee of the Whole discussion in Room 211. The 85 -page agenda includes the following:

  • Request to revise ordinances related to White Goods and Bulky Items – including amendment of fees, and management of residential move-ins and move-outs – this item was referred back to Committee by the Full Council last week
  • Request to appropriate $15,000 to the Planning and Development Department for a grant to the Newton Conservators, for the costs associated with holding the conservation restriction for Kessler Woods
  • Request to appropriate and expend $3,000,000 from Certified Free Cash to fund the City’s Pavement Management Program
  • Request authorization to rescind the assessment of curb betterments at 77 Pembroke Street and 86 Waban Hill Road
  • Request authorization to transfer $500,000 from Budget Reserve – Snow and Ice Removal to the Rental Vehicles Account
  • Request to appropriate $12,334,366 from bonded indebtedness for the purpose of funding renovations of the Newton Early Childhood Program at 687 Watertown Street
  • Request to appropriate $1,900,000 from Prior Year Carry forward for Wage Reserve and $600,000 from Current Year Wage Reserve to pay for retroactive salaries and stipends due to members of the Newton Police Superior Officers’ for the period covering from July 1, 2014 through FY2020
  • Request to transfer $69,000 from Current Year Budget Reserve to the City Council Officials with Benefits Account to cover the costs of 6 months of the City Council’s new salary
  • Re-appointment of Susan Dzikowski as Comptroller
  • Request to appropriate $85,000 from Certified Free Cash to settle a discrepancy in the amount of 2017 Massachusetts State Income Taxes paid vs. the amount owed

Zoning and Planning Committee: The Zoning and Planning Committee will meet on Monday, November 25th following the Committee of the Whole discussion in Room 205. The 58-page agenda includes the following:

  • Appointment of Martin Smargiassi to the Community Preservation Committee
  • Appointment of Visda Saeyan to the Urban Design Commission
  • Re-appointment of Michael Kauffman to the Urban Design Commission
  • Three Public Hearings:
    • Request to repeal Section 3.4.4 Garages of the Newton Zoning Ordinance effective December 31, 2019. Garages are expected to be addressed during Zoning Redesign next term – see Planning Memo
    • Request discuss and adopt amendments to the Zoning Ordinance to create exemptions to building envelope standards to facilitate implementation of energy efficiency and alternative energy measures in buildings – see Planning Memo (same as below)
    • Request to discuss and adopt amendments to the Zoning Ordinances to create a new set of standards related to sustainable development design with requirements for new buildings and development projects to include environmental and energy efficiency features – See Planning Memo (same as above)

Response to questions from November 18th City Council Meeting re: Northland: In response to questions raised at the last City Council meeting regarding the Northland proposal where the vote was postponed because of two absences, the Planning Department issued the following memo which can be found here. The Northland project is expected to be voted out at the next City Council meeting in December.