Full City Council to Meet on Tuesday, September 3rd

The Full City Council is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, September 3rd at 7:45 p.m. in the Council Chamber. The Reports Docket can be found here and the New Docket can be found here.

The Council will be voting on the request to amend a previously granted special permit/site plan approval for the Washington Place development to remove the prohibition of commercial banks and allow for a commercial bank not to exceed 3800 sq ft and the Petitioner would reserve 10,000 sq ft of ground floor space for non-formulaic retail space. According to this letter from the Petitioner, the Planning Department requested that restaurant space be specified as one type of the “non-formulaic” uses. The Petitioner is asking that personal services also be specified as an additional type of “non-formulaic” uses.

The Council will be taking up the Short-Term Rental Ordinance. Three Councilors are offering amendments to the ordinance:

  • Councilor Krintzman’s proposed amendments can be found here
  • Councilor Albright’s proposed amendments can be found here
  • Councilor Baker’s proposed amendments can be found here

The Snow Removal Ordinance will also be taken up. The proposed Draft Ordinance can be found here. See League of Women Voters 2018 Letter

The proposal to shorten the Winter Parking Ban to begin on December 15th rather than November 15th and end on April 1st rather than April 15th will also be taken up. The Proposal can be found here.