NewCAL – update – 24 short-listed sites, most of them parkland

Last week, the NewCAL (Newton Center for Active Living) project team led by City of Newton Buildings Commissioner, Josh Morse, held a community meeting to update residents regarding the status of the project. A total of 24 sites have been short-listed from this list of over 100 sites around the City as potential locations for a new, mostly senior focused but also inter-generational community center. As you can see, the majority of sites on the short-list are park sites. A huge crowd of residents attended the presentation to discourage the “team” from siting the new center at any of the park locations (though the primary concern was Cold Springs Park). Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, Bob DeRubeis, was on hand to assure residents that the team will look at all locations and choose one that will create the least amount of disruption to our parks and asked residents to let the vetting process continue. The Commissioner of Public Buildings went further to state that the list of 24 is not final and that they may look at other sites on the larger list as well. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, please visit the project team’s website for additional information and sign-up for updates here.