List of Anticipated FY2020 Capital Expenditures

The Mayor transmitted to the City Council a list of anticipated FY2020 Capital Expenditures. The transmittal letter can be found here. 

Here are some highlights:

  • 25% Conceptual Design for the Washington Street Corridor (See Public Facilities Committee Agenda this week) – $2,000,000* and future State TIP funding for FY2021-2024
  • NewCAL – $500,000 with an estimated $15.6 million for FY2021-2024
  • NECP (Newton Early Childhood Program) – $9,250,000
  • Lincoln-Eliot School Project – $$2,000,000 with an estimate $22.25 million for FY2021-2024
  • Modular Classrooms at Oak Hill Middle School – $250,00 with an estimate $500,000 for FY2021-2024

*Note the Supplemental CIP document incorrectly listed the cost at $2.5 million