City Council Committee Reports Now Available

Programs and Services Committee – 3/20/2019 Report:  The Programs and Services Committee voted to approve the following:

  • Appointment of Al Cecchinelli to the Newton Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Approval of date for the Preliminary 2019 Election (if needed) to be September 10th
  • Approval of Charter subcommittee’s recommendation to seek Home Rule legislation to accept Charter subcommittee’s recommended amendments


Public Safety and Transportation Committee – 3/20/2019 Report:  The Public Safety and Transportation Committee voted No Action Necessary on a request for a discussion with the Principle Group and the Planning Department, Transportation Planning, and Transportation Operations regarding the “Hello Washington Street” vision for
transportation on the corridor, specifically in regards to multi-modal mobility and the
prospect of reducing lanes from four to three.

Public Facilities Committee – 3/20/2019 Report:  The Public Facilities Committee voted to approve the following:

  • Request for a grant of location to install and maintain a main in College Road from a existing gas main in front of #66 College Road in a northerly direction to #72 College Road. This is part of an MWRA water main replacement project.
  • Request to appropriate and expend $129,000 from the Sewer Reserve Fund to install a sewer connection to the Rumford Avenue transfer station for an office trailer at the site
  • Request for an appropriate and expend $500,000 from Free Cash to Rental Vehicles and Regular Overtime for snow and ice removal (NOTE:  Commissioner of DPW  noted there were 24 events, with 47″ of snow and the City has spent $4.79 million for snow and ice removal this year – compared to $7.3 million last year)
  • Request to appropriate and expend $250,000 from the Stormwater Management Fund Surplus Account for the cleaning, inspecting and assessment of a concrete box culvert adjacent to 170 Needham Street that conveys stormwater from the South Meadowbrook drainage basin
  • Request for approval of design/traffic flow changes to certain intersections to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety:
    •  Crafts Street at Walnut Street – bump out and elimination of slip lane
    • Walnut Street at Minot Place – bump out
    • Walnut Street at Lowell Avenue – bump out and elimination of slip lane
    • Waltham Street at Derby and Fairway Drive – bump outs and median island
    • Elliot Street at Linden Street – two median islands

Zoning and Planning Committee – 3/25/2019 Report:  The Zoning and Planning Committee voted to approve the following:

  • Appointment and Re-appointment of David Kayserman to the Auburndale Historic District Commission
  • Appointment of Kathryn Cade to the Newton Conservation Commission
  • Technical Amendments to certain provisions of the current Zoning Ordinance
    • Section 1.3.1 The Accessory Apartment overlay districts were retained when the ordinance was updated in 2017 and they should have been removed.
    • Section 4.4.1. Under the 2012 ordinance retail uses were allowed by right in all the BU districts. Multi-family uses were also allowed by special permit. When the new ordinance was transcribed forward in 2017, the new language did not capture this same intent for the residential use so the symbol for Special Permit (SP) has been added to all the BU districts for “residential use, above ground floor”
    • Section 5.1.4.A In the parking requirements for low-income and elderly housing there was a misinterpretation when transcribing to the 2017 ordinance. The word “and” was interpreted and transcribed as “plus” when it actually meant “or”. Therefore, the language is being amended to “1 per 2 low income units or 1 per 4 elderly units”.
    • Section 5.11.4.B. A set of paragraphs define how the eligibility and pricing is determined for rental projects versus condo projects. Staff found that a paragraph had been inadvertently dropped from the section that relates to more than 3 condo projects. The paragraph is being added back.

All other items were held. The Report contains discussion of the proposed new zoning ordinance and an update on the Washington Street Corridor Action Plan.

Land Use Committee – 3/26/2019 Report:  The Land Use Committee approved the following:

  • Request to withdraw a request for a Special Permit/Site Plan Approval to construct an attached two-car garage and second floor master suite, creating an FAR of .63 where .53 is allowed and .43 exists at 370 Linwood Avenue
  • Request for a temporary license to hold Nonantum Village Day on June 2, 2019

All other items were held.