What’s Up for this Week?

Visioning for Riverside – paid for by the Developer? Yes – the Council will vote on a request from the Mayor to accept and expend funds (from the Developer) to pay for that Visioning Process residents have been asking for.

Northland and Transportation? Land Use will take up the Northland Special Permit/Site Plan Approval and Change of Zone request with a  focus on the traffic and transportation aspects of the proposed project. This caught my eye:  “As detailed in the petitioner’s traffic studies and BETA’s peer review, the proposed development would impact movements to varying degrees at a number of intersections along the Needham Street corridor and other areas in the vicinity during the Weekday AM peak hours, the Weekday PM peak hours and/or the Saturday Midday peak hour; project-generated traffic will also impact intersections during the Weekday Midday peak hour. In some cases, the Level of Service (LOS) at given intersections will degrade (e.g., from LOS C to LOD D or LOS E to LOS F); in other cases, intersections that already function at LOS F will degrade further, with delays increasing anywhere from 10 to 126 seconds. Additional detail is provided in the peer review and a summary can be found in the Executive Summary.” See Plannning Memo.

The petitioner is looking at addressing this with a number of Transportation Demand Strategies – most notably with a shuttle system.

18 Municipal and School Properties up for lease? Yes – the City Council will take up a request to lease up to 18 city-owned properties for solar installations. Some of the initial controversial sites have either been removed from consideration – most notably Countryside, Bigelow, and the parking along Albemarle Road. The Cove (Auburndale), Brown Middle School, and Library projects will have fewer trees removed and apparently some existing trees moved.

On the School Side….

MSBA Funding requests?  The Superintendent is requesting a vote from the City Council to submit funding requests to the MSBA to repair the roof and boiler at Memorial Spaulding and the the roof at Underwood.

It’s all Elementary, my dear Watson.…well at least when it comes to the Elementary Math at NPS. The School Department adopted a new math program in the Spring of 2017. An update on the program can be found here.

Equity Spending by PTOs – Because economic disparity can lead to inequality in terms of educational experiences and opportunities, the School Department together with the School Committee established an Equity Committee consisting of PTO reps, the Superintendent and members of the School Committee to review guidelines and ensure that PTO spending for resources including technology, programming (including enrichment activities and field trips) and staffing is equitable from each school. The School Committee approved changes to the Guidelines which will go into effect on July 1, 2019. An update on the Working Group’s activities and an FY2018 PTO Spending Data Spreadsheet can be found here.