Newton Power Choice is here!

The City of Newton is launching it’s municipal electricity aggregation program – Newton Power Choice to residents and businesses – (YAY!  Thank you Emily Norton for your leadership, bringing this to Newton and Mayor Fuller for executing it!). A letter was mailed late last week notifying electricity customers that this new program (under contract with Direct Energy) will supply the City with electricity that includes 60% from renewable sources as the Standard Offering.  Currently, Eversource provides electricity from the minimum (Basic) renewable energy sources – 14% for 2019.

If you received the letter and do nothing – you will be AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED in the Newton Power Choice Program beginning in March 2019.

If you received the letter and decide to OPT-OUT – Meaning you are not interested in participating, your OPT-OUT Request must be postmarked by FEBRUARY 12, 2019 to avoid automatic enrollment into the program.

If you OPT-OUT, you will remain on Eversource’s Basic Service. Please note:  You can OPT-OUT Anytime with no fee or penalty but must contact Direct Energy at 1-866-968-8065 or OPT-OUT online at: 

If you, like me, would like to take it to the next level and OPT-UP -with 100% renewable electricity, you must call Direct Energy at 1-866-968-8065.

Two other important things to note:

Solar Metering:  If you have solar panels you will still receive net metering credit but they will be calculated based on Eversource’s Basic Service price, not the Newton Power Choice Program price.

Already with an Electricity Supplier? – The City’s website suggests that you will not automatically be enrolled if you already have an existing contract with an electricity supplier. However, the letter states the following:  “…you should not have received this letter. However, if you did receive this letter and you already have an electricity supply contract that you wish to retain, you must OPT-OUT of this program.  If you do not opt-out, your current electricity supply contract may be cancelled, and you may be charged an early termination fee by your existing electricity supplier.”

—————I recommend contacting customer support at or call 1-833-272-9592 for more clarification.

Public Information Sessions will be held. See below:

January 16, 6 PM, Mayor’s Office –  1000 Commonwealth Ave, Newton
January 23, 2 PM, Newton Senior Center, 345 Walnut St, Newton
January 27, 11 AM, St Ignatius Parish, 28 Commonwealth Ave, Chestnut Hill
January 30, 7 PM, Newton Public Library, 330 Homer St, Newton
January 31, 6 PM, Warren House, 1600 Washington Street, Newton
February 7, 6 PM, Houghton Village, 37 Hamlet Street, Newton