What to watch in 2019 and beyond….

Things to look for in 2019:

Municipal Elections:

Yes – it’s that time again. Some candidates have announced, committees have formed, and citizen advocacy groups are gearing up – keeping a careful eye on voting records and policy stances – preparing to support candidates.

School Committee: So far, two open seats: Ward 4 and Ward 5

City Council:  So far, one open seat:  Ward 5 City Council

Challenges….The Ward 2 Councilor seat is currently being challenged.

Issues to watch (IMHO):

On the School Side:

  • Teachers Union Contract
  • Implementation of Full-Day K
  • Late High School Start Times
  • School Facilities – Upgrading and Renovations
  • High Density Development and School Enrollment Projections
  • Equity policy

On the Municipal Side:

  • City Planning and Development – Large Scale/High Density Projects – Northland, Riverside and most of the Washington Street corridor 
  • Revisions to the Zoning Ordinance
  • Implementation of Municipal Aggregation
  • Recreational Pot Shops
  • Solar Panel rollout
  • Trash Contract – PAYT, Recycling, Composting
  • Employee Health Insurance – is GIC in the City’s future?
  • OPEB – will we be more aggressive in paying down the debt?
  • Override?
  • New CAL – where will it go?


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