School Committee to Hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, November 27th

The Newton School Committee will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, November 27th at 630 p.m. at the Seashole Auditorium, Newton South High School, 140 Brandeis Road on a Citizens Petition filed requesting the following actions:

  • Adopt a policy of total transparency regarding curriculum concerning history, social studies, geography,
    and any and all topics related to the conflicts in the Middle East and to world religions.
  • Allow the public immediate and continual access to all teaching materials used and discussed in these areas including, but not limited to text books, hand-outs, assignments, films, power-point presentations, speakers, internet resources, and workshops
  • Vet all teaching materials and approaches concerning the above topics using a panel of scholars, historians and educators
  • Immediately cease all teaching on these topics until such time as properly vetted, unbiased materials can be identified
  • Contact students by official mail to explain how some of the materials they were taught qualify as biased and propaganda and were not explained as such to the students, and apologize for these errors
  • Convene an all-school seminar on “the new anti-Semitism” which makes of the Jewish state, “the Jew among the nations” with special workshops for teachers and students. The new anti-Semitism has been widely studied and consists at base of the treatment of Israel in ways no other nation state is treated
  • Terminate Superintendent David Fleishman

The Notice of Public Hearing can be found here.