Things to Note and Notable Events

Things to Note:  The City recently sent out a notice to residents alerting them that beginning this week, there will be curbside inspections of residential recycling carts. This is a result of the City being charged $6,120 in fines last month and a total of $65,611 in fines for 2018 for having 18% contamination in the City’s recycling.  Our City contract requires the City of have less than 10% contamination. Contaminated carts will receive a warning with feedback on what issues were found. After the first warning and if continued contamination exists, the recycling will NOT be collected that week. See letter from Waneta Trabert, Director of Sustainable Materials Management.

Farmers’ Market:  Elm Street/West Newton: The Elm Street Market will end the season on October 6th and will include a Dolan Pond tour led by the Newton Conservators and the Return of New City Ice Cream Microcreamery.

The Cold Spring Park Market will showcase an Art Exhibit and Expo on Tuesday, October 2nd featuring Felix Fu of the Paper Mouse.