No City Council Meetings this week but lots on the City Council’s Fall Agenda

It may be a week off for the City Council but there is a lot on their plate this fall and a lot for Newton residents to start thinking about.

Kesseler Woods:  Request to o amend a previously granted Special Permit #102-06(15) at Kesseler Woods to allow off-site relocation of the inclusionary zoning units as well as 24 additional units at 219 Commonwealth Avenue

Northland Development:  Northland Developers filed their application for a special permit and the City Council will hold a hearing on September 25th.  A 3d video can be found here.   Proposed plans can be found here.

Recreational Marijuana:  Voters may have approved legalizing recreational marijuana in Massachusetts but the question that was passed allowed for voters of communities that supported the legalization to also vote on whether to “opt-out” and not allow any recreational sales in the community and/or whether to limit the number of recreational retail sales establishments in the community.  Currently, the City Council has approved a ballot measure to limit the number of recreational sales establishments to 2 – 4. The Council voted against a petition to put a question on the ballot to allow voters to decide whether or not to “opt-out” and prohibit recreational sales establishments in Newton and has now forced “opt-out” proponents to collect approximately 6,000 signatures to bring the question back to the Council for approval.  Should the Council vote against this petition, “opt-out” proponents would be forced to gather an additional 3,000 signatures to bypass the City Council and get the question to the voters in this November’s election.

Revision to Plastic Bag Ban and 10 cent fee on Paper Bags:  The Council will consider a proposed ordinance to revise the definition of “reusable bag,” revise the definition for retailers to include establishments of less than 3500 sq. feet and impose a 10 cent fee for paper bags.