Marijuana Update

On June 5th, the Land Use Committee held public hearings on two petitions:  a request by Garden Remedies – a permitted medical marijuana dispensary located at 697 Washington Street (See Planning Department Memo)- to allow retail sale of marijuana and a request by Cypress Tree Management to allow for medical marijuana dispensary at 24-26 Elliot Street (See Planning Department Memo) The public hearings for both requests were continued- Garden Remedies will be taken up on June 26th and Cypress Tree Management’s petition will be taken up on July 10th.  The report on these public hearings can be found here.

On June 6th, the Programs and Services Committee held a public hearing on a 50 person signature petition (as allowed for by our City Charter) to request the City Council to place a ballot question on the retail sale of recreational marijuana in the City of Newton. A detailed report on the hearing can be found here. The Programs and Services Committee voted 3-1-2 (Councilor Albright opposed, Councilors Krintzman and Brousal-Glaser abstaining and Councilor Baker not voting) to recommend placing that question on the ballot to the Full Council. The Full Council is scheduled to take that up TONIGHT, Monday, June 18th at it’s Full Council Meeting.

Mayor Fuller announced her support for placement of the Opt-Out ballot question in her most recent newsletter.

But…the Council also has the following on its new docket:

  • The Planning Department’s long awaited zoning amendments regulating the operation of marijuana establishments and zoning districts where retail sales of marijuana may be located, and
  • Request filed by Councilors Albright and Krintzman to place a ballot question as to whether the City should limit the number of retail marijuana establishments operating in Newton to no fewer than 2 and no more than 6.

Stay tuned……