Conservation Commission to meet Thursday, June 7th

The Conservation Commission is scheduled to meet on Thursday, June 7th at 7:00 p.m. in Room 204.  The agenda includes the following:

  • RDA request to remove 8 trees posing a hazard to existing buildings and gas lines for property located at 303-309 Winchester Street
  • OOC request for an amendment to a previously approved Order of Conditions for the Daly Rink (Newton Country Day School) to include a 7′ public access pathway along the Charles River
  • Informational discussion where the Northland Development Team will update the Commission on project planning and receive feedback
  • Request for a Certificate of Compliance for Mt. Ida College
  • Request for two Certificates of Compliance for 46 Suffolk Road – a) landscaping activities related to constructions of terraces, pool, kitchen garden and related stormwater management brought about after an enforcement action, and b)  landscaping activities relating to the ecological restoration of the pond (dredging)
    and improvement to the habitat value of the wetland resources on the property
  • Consideration of trail creation and long-term management of invasive vines at the Old Deer Park
  • – Discussion of Commission’s historical knowledge of three sites of “encroachments”

The packet information is not currently available online at this time.