City Council Meetings – Week of June 23rd – Back Pay for former Police Chief, Draft Pot Shop Zoning Regulations and possible first retail pot shop special permit

The following City Council Committees will meet this week:

Finance Committee:  The Finance Committee will meet on Monday, June 24th at 6:30 p.m. in Room 211.  The agenda includes the following:

  • Request to transfer $240,000 from certain accounts ($25,000 – Executive Office Full-time Salaries Account; $60,000 – Assessing Department Full-time Salaries Account; $20,000 – Treasury Department Full-time Salaries Account; $30,000 – Human Resources Full-time Salaries Account; $50,000 – Information Technologies Full-time Salaries Account; $50,000 – Planning Department Full-time Salaries Account) for the purpose of funding “back-pay” for Former Police Chief Matthew Cummings
  • Request to appropriate $9,837,31 to settle a sewer back-up claim
  • Request to appropriate and expend $6,400 from Handicap Parking Fines -Disability Commission Receipts Reserved for Appropriation to fund the purchase and installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals at the Waverly and Tremont Streets intersection
  • Request to transfer $30,000 from Current Year Budget Reserve to the Executive Office Consulting Account to develop a cultural strategy for the City of Newton
  • Request to increase the salary of the City Clerk/Clerk of the Council to $135,619 effective July 1, 2018 to match the percentage increase in the FY2019 for H-grade employees

Zoning and Planning Commitee:  The Zoning and Planning Committee will meet on Monday, June 24th at 7:00 p.m. first, in the Council Chamber and then in Room 205. The agenda includes the following:

  • Public Hearing on the adoption of the Needham Street Vision Plan as a amendment to the 2007 Newton Comprehensive Plan;
  • Public Hearing on amendments to Chapter 30, the Newton Zoning Ordinance to allow for a Shared Parking Pilot Program as an accessory use in commercial districts
  • Discussion on proposed zoning amendments to limit the residential portion of a development in a commercial zone to 50% of the total development
  • Discussion on proposed zoning amendment regarding the Mixed Use 4 Zoning District – to eliminate it completely, reduce the dimensional controls currently allowed, place a two-year moratorium on any new MU4 development or any combination of the preceding actions
  • Discussion on proposed zoning amendment to adopt an immediate moratorium on any zone changes and/or construction/development along both sides of Washington Street including abutting properties from the intersection of Comm Ave and Washington Street to the intersection of Washington Street and Centre Street until Zoning Redesign and the proposed actionable plan for Washington Street are completed
  • Discussion on proposed amendments to the Newton Zoning Ordinance regarding regulation of retail marijuana establishments – see end of agenda for discussion draft and proposed zoning maps
  • Discussion of a draft policy content outline of the new Zoning Ordinance

Land Use Committee:  The Land Use Committee is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, June 25th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber.  The agenda includes the following:

  • Request for an extension of time to exercise a previously granted special permit to allow a free-standing sign at 1349 Centre Street;
  • Request to Withdraw a Petition for an extension of time to exercise a previously granted special permit for 283 Melrose Street – Turtle Lane;
  • Request for a Special Permit/Site Plan Approval  to enclose porches which would  create an FAR of .49 where .48 is allowed at 22 Beecher Place;
  • Request for a Special Permit/Site Plan Approval to allow for a rear-lot subdivision to create two lots, demolish the existing single-family structure and construct two new single-family structures – one on each lot at 156 Otis Street;
  • Request to amend a previously granted special permit/site plan approved for Garden Remedies to allow for retail sale of recreational as well as medical marijuana and to amend certain conditions to the previously granted permit.  See Planning Memo, revised Landscape Plan,and response to questions.