Charter Subcommittee to Meet – June 20th

The Charter Subcommittee will meet on Wednesday, June 20th at 6:00 p.m. in Room 211.  The agenda includes discussion of the following:

  • Article 7 – Planning
  • Article 8 – Nominations and Elections
  • Article 10 – Free Petition, Initiative and Referendum

The Charter Subcommittee consists of 4 City Councilors:  Councilor Baker (Chair), Councilor Albright, Councilor Krintzman (former Chair of the Charter Commission) and Vice Chair Kalis.  The Subcommittee grew out of a docket item filed by 14 City Councilors last term, to reduce the size of the Council to 16 – 8 elected at-large and 8 elected by ward only – after the Charter Commission’s recommendation to eliminate the ward only elected Councilors and reduce the size of the Council to 12 – among other charter amendments – failed to achieve the support of Newton voters (see Election Results here).

The charge of the subcommittee and a memo from the Chair can be found here.

Reports of the sub-committee can be found below.