Washington Place Update – Demolition to Restart – May 29th

According to an email update on the Washington Place Development, demolition will restart on Tuesday, May 29th beginning with Building #3.  Demolition will continue down Walnut Street towards Washington Street with the demolition of Buildings #4 and #1. 

The email continues stating:  “Due to the proximity of Buildings 4 and 1 to the street, pedestrians will be routed to a temporary walkway along the parking lane with traffic barrier protection. When the portions of the structures that are adjacent to the streets are taken down, pedestrians will be routed to the opposite side of the street.The traffic lanes most adjacent to the demolition work will be temporarily closed during the day. This portion of the work will begin on June 4th. The traffic management infrastructure, including barriers, cones, and signage will be installed prior to this work commencing. Lane closures on Walnut Street will require routing southbound traffic via Lowell Avenue.The 59 and 556 bus routes will be impacted during closures of Walnut Street southbound. We are coordinating with the MBTA on impacts to the bus routes.
Closures on Washington Street will maintain traffic in both directions, but it will be reduced to one lane in each direction. These intermitent lane closures will typically last 2-3 days while demolition work is in progress adjacent to Washington Street and Walnut Street.”

More information can be found at www.wpnewton.com