Public Hearings on Three Proposed Zoning Amendments to Limit Development including a proposed Moratorium – Tuesday, May 29th

The Zoning and Planning Committee will hold Public Hearings on the following items:

  • Zoning Amendment to limit the residential portion of a development project in a business zone to no more than 50% of the total development
  • Zoning Amendments regarding MU4 Zoning:
    • elimination of the MU4 Zone
    • reduce the dimensional controls
    • impose a moratorium of up to 2 years on any new MU4 development
    • any combination of the above
  • Zoning Amendment to adopt an immediate moratorium on any zone changes/construction/development along the Washington Street corridor from West Newton to Newton Corner until the Zoning Redesign and the proposed Actionable Plan for the Washington Street corridor are completed.  (Note:  The moratorium would not by-right construction/development that is currently allowed under current zoning)

Following the Public Hearings, the Committee will discuss and vote on the following:

  • Request for authorization to submit the FY2019 Annual Action Plan to HUD
  • Appointment of Kelley Brown to the Planning and Development Board
  • Appointments of Jennifer Bentley and Deborah Budd to the Newton Historical Commission
  • Appointments of Deborah Jackson, Sarah Rahman, Beth Nicklas and Matt Segneri to the Economic Development Commission
  • Re-appointment of Chuck Tanowitz and Jeremy Fried to the Economic Development Commission

The revised agenda can be found here.