Chestnut Hill Historic District Commission – May 17th

The Chestnut Hill Historic District Commission will meet on May 17th at 7:30 p.m. in Room 205 and discuss and review the following requests for Certificate of Appropriateness:

  • Request to change a previously approved replacement window at 350 Beacon Street
  • Request to install a fence at 108 Resevoir Avenue
  • Request to replace an address pier, change gravel driveway to chip seal and add a cobble apron at the driveway entrance at 32 Suffolk Road
  • Request to install gutters and downspouts at 25 Old England Road
  • Request to install condensers, chimney caps and hardscaping and request for approval of garage doors and door openings at 152 Suffolk Road
  • Request to build an addition and install two dormers at 96 Suffolk Road

Staff memo can be found here, packet documents can be found here and packet documents part 2 can be found here.