Full City Council Meeting and Mayor’s Budget Address – Tuesday, April 17th

The Full City Council will meet on Tuesday, April 17th at 7:45 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.  The Reports Docket can be found here and the New Docket can be found here.

Of note on the New Docket is a request to amend the Special Permit/Site Plan approval for the Washington Place Development.  You might recall that there was a hybrid development proposal that was approved by the Council.  That hybrid had options for a 140 unit proposal or a 160 unit proposal. This request includes:

  • substitution of the originally approved plan for a 140 unit plan that would add a fifth floor to the middle building fronting Washington Street and reduce the massing at the rear of the building on Walnut Street.
  • an overall decrease of 14,575 sq. ft from the originally approved 160 unit option
  • an increase of 1,970 sq. ft from the originally approved 140 unit option.
  • the addition of 170 sq. ft of commercial square footage
  • relocation of two at-grade parking stalls to the underground garage.

In addition, the petition is seeking to change the condition requiring the filing of a Final Inclusionary Housing Plan and an Affirmative Fair Marketing and Resident Selection Plan – originally required as a condition precedent to receiving a building permit, to a condition precedent to receiving a temporary occupancy permit.

Mayor Fuller will be giving her first budget address.  She will be submitting the the FY2019 Municipal and School Operating Budget totaling $412,513,389 as well as the FY2019-2023 Capital Improvement Plan and FY2019-2023 Supplemental Capital Improvement Plan.