Traffic Council Actions – December 13th Meeting

The Traffic Council met on Wednesday, December 13th and approved the following:  creation of a no parking zone anytime on Oak Hill Street between Brookline Street and Puddingstone Lane, addition of a stop sign on Trowbridge Street at Norwood Avenue in the westbound direction, extension of a no parking zone on both sides of Norwood Avenue – creating a no parking zone around the bend and reduce the length of the two-hour parking zone on the south side of the street, the addition of a school zone on Crescent Avenue in front of the Newton Montessori School, the addition of language to current signage adding a 6:00 a.m. to an 8:00 a.m. element to the existing two-hour time limit regulations along Crescent Avenue, and the election of David Koses as Chair of the Traffic Council.  The following items were denied:  request for a four-way stop sign at the intersection of Gibbs Street and Sumner Street to address safety concerns.  The following items were voted No Action Necessary:  request the addition of 30 feet of no parking opposite the church parking lot entrance on Norwood Avenue, request a 3 car parking prohibition across from #44 Norwood Avenue in the 6 existing unrestricted parking area, and a request for a change in the direction of traffic flow on Bram Way in order to accommodate reconstruction of the Austin Street parking lot. Please note:  that an item requesting the allowance of flexibility in terms of the location, duration, and pricing of public parking spaces as well as potential changes to traffic circulation within and proximate to the Austin Street parking lot, in order to provide for the reconstruction of the Austin Street parking lot was held with a trial instituted that will provide the flexibility requested that will impact spaces in the Austin Street lot, on Bram Way, on Austin Street between Walnut and Lowell, and within any portion of the Star Market Lot that is under the City’s control.

The report can be found here.