City Council Meetings – Week of October 8th

The following City Council Committees are scheduled to meet this week:

Financial Audit Advisory Committee:  The Financial Audit Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, October 10th at 8:15 a.m. in Room 211 and is expected to receive an update from the External Auditors.  The agenda can be found here.

Land Use Committee:  The Land Use Committee is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, October 10th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers and is expected to discuss the following:  request for an extension of time for to exercise Special Pemit #286-16 granted on October 4, 2016 to build a 308 sq. ft. one story addition including a mudroom, study and half bath at 115 Waban Street, request to withdraw a request for a special permit/site plan approval to amend Special Permit #102-06(15) at Kesseler Woods to allow relocation of the inclusionary zoning units by use of the Off-Site Development Option in conjunction with the rehabilitation of the apartment building at 219 Commonwealth Avenue resulting in an
increased number of affordable units from the approved site of 179 Kesseler Way, request for a Class 2 Auto Dealer License for Ciccone Motors, request for a special permit/site plan approval to raze the existing detached garage and construct an attached garage,
mudroom and kitchen, extending the existing non-conforming front setback, requiring a variance to allow a rear setback of 7.6’ and increasing the FAR to .55 where .40 is
allowed and .50 exists at 168 Allerton Road, request for a special permit/site plan for approval to amend Board Order #94-16 to allow a retaining wall, pillars and grading changes not consistent with the previously approved site plan at 2171 Commonwealth Avenue, request to rezone property to Business Use 2 for land located at 29 Hovey Street, also identified as Section 12, Block 006, Lot 004, and an unnumbered lot on Hovey Street ad a request for a special permit/site plan approval to construct elderly housing with services in excess of 20,000 sq. ft. of gross floor area, consisting of 85 living units in a four-story structure not to exceed 48’ in height and Floor Area Ratio not to exceed 2.0, extending the existing nonconforming front setback and constructing a retaining wall greater than 4’ in a setback at 431 Washington Street, 29 Hovey Street, and the adjacent unnumbered lot to the north on Hovey Street (Sunrise Development).  The agenda can be found here.

Finance Committee:  The Finance Committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, October 11th at 7:00 p.m. in Room 211 and is expected to discuss the following:   request for authorization to accept a grant from AARP in the amount of $4,320 to perform a pilot study of ways to help Newton seniors retrofit their homes to make aging-in -place more feasible, request from the Newton Housing Authority to use their portion of the Inclusionary Zoning funds in the amount of $355,960 to develop new affordable housing on NHA-owned property next to Jackson Gardens, requesting to transfer the sum of $15,000  from various accounts to the Public Building Department for the development of a public information plan regarding the site cleanup at the Horace Mann School for an oil leak that occurred in 1998, request for authorization to add one full-time employee within
the Public Works Department to manage all detail requests submitted to the Police
Detail Coordinator, and a request to reallocate the sum of $250,467.24 from the Waban Hill Reservoir Improvements Account to be used for the decommissioning of the Stanton Avenue and Winchester Street elevated storage tanks.

The Chair intends to review a number of other items on the docket for end of term action.  Those items are the following: a request to accept General Laws Chapter 44, Section 53F, which establishes a special revenue fund known as the Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) Access and Cable Related Fund, to reserve cable franchise fees and other cable-related revenues for appropriation to support PEG access services and oversight and renewal of the cable franchise agreement, the fund to begin operation for fiscal year 2019, which begins on July 1, 2018, a request to amend Chapter 17, City of Newton Ordinances, to establish licensing requirements and criteria for lodging houses, request an amendment to Section 29-80 Sewer Use Charge of the City of Newton Ordinances by adding the following sentence at the end of Paragraph (a): Notwithstanding the foregoing, seasonal water takers not eligible for an outdoor meter under said Section 29-24, shall pay a charge for the use of sewerage works in proportion to water consumption, request for authorization to appropriate the sum of $500,000 from bonded indebtedness for the purpose of funding renovations at the Newton Free Library to include expansion of the Children’s Room and other improvements to the First Floor (Note: The  item was split into Part A and Part B. Part A – $75,000 for design and soft costs. Part B –
$425,000 for construction costs.  City Council Approved Part A on 06/19/17), requesting authorization to appropriate $2,000,000 from Free Cash to the Rainy Day Stabilization Fund, request for a parking meter pilot or multiple pilots in Fiscal Year 2018 using the latest technology, which allows payment by credit card and other features, such as monitoring meter usage, providing feedback to administrators, information to drivers, and allowing time-based fee adjustment, request for a discussion with the Planning & Development
Department regarding the fees charged for Special Permits and what the actual costs
are for issuing Special Permits, request that the City through the Department
of Public Works, pilot a curbside food waste collection program, request for a discussion with the Administration regarding possible licensing agreements with wireless carriers, and to create a policy and to develop and adopt a uniform license agreement for wireless
carriers to install wireless communication devices on city-owned poles in the public way, request the establishment of a filing fee from petitioners seeking to attach wireless communications devices to existing or proposed structures in the public way, proposal for an amendment to Chapter 20 of the City of Newton Revised Ordinances to allow noncriminal ticketing of certain violations of the Accessory Apartment Ordinance, request discussion with the Administration and Public Buildings Department about the Community Solar Share Program, which intends to provide credits resulting from solar power generated at 70 Elliot Street to qualifying low income residents, review and acceptance of the Fiscal Years 2018 to 2022 5-Year Financial Forecast for City Council review/acceptance, request to amend the City Council Rules, Article X; Section 6 – Additional Notification Requirements, to expand the area for notification for special permit hearings, request for a discussion regarding expenditures related to the Complete Streets grant with representatives of the Department of Public Works, requesting authorization to appropriate and expend certain Mitigation Funds for traffic and pedestrian improvements, request to accept the earned sick time leave for city employees, request for a discussion of the process of licensing the current and future use of city building, including: (a) how licensees may request the use of city buildings; (b) the process for determining which licensees will get the use of city buildings; (c) how the fees for the use of city buildings are set; and (d) how the current process compares to the process for permitting the use of school buildings, request to create a policy to require audio recordings of all meetings of boards and commissions and requiring them to be posted to the City’s website, as well as posting of all documentation that is reviewed by boards and commissions and/or by their designated City staff member, request for a report from the Planning
Department re how many of the affordable units developed at Commonwealth Avenue,
Pearl Street, and Eddy Street qualify for inclusion on the State’s Subsidized Housing
Inventory List; if a property is not on the list, what can be done to make it eligible, and a discussion with the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Information Officer regarding the critical need to implement technology which enables the development, management and use of shared, searchable, mobile-accessed (both read and write) database which contains parcel-based information that can be accessed by all city departments (including Planning, Inspectional Services (ISD), Assessing, Engineering, Fire, Police, Health), the Board of Aldermen and the community. This technology must support the work of ISD and other departments in both the office and the field to more effectively and efficiently monitor and enforce compliance with approved special permits and other related Board Orders.

The agenda can be found here.

Zoning and Planning Committee:  The Zoning and Planning Committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, October 11th at 7:00 p.m. and is expected to discuss the following:  appointment of Jean Wood to the Economic Development Commission, re-appointments of Matthew Montgomery, Robert Imperato, Peter Viera, John Wyman, and Sam Perry to the Chestnut Hill Historic District Commission, public hearing on a request to amend Chapter 30, City of Newton Zoning Ordinances, to include a “lodging house” ordinance to promulgate rules requiring annual fire, safety and health inspections and licensing of buildings providing single room occupancy and/or congregate living arrangements, a request to accept the provisions of MGL c. 140 Section 22A allowing cooking facilities in Lodging Houses on a limited basis, and a request to amend Chapter 17,
Sections 17‐46 through 17‐50 to allow Food Trucks to locate and operate on public
streets in Newton subject to licensing by the Health Department and to location
permitting requirements, initially restricted to Wells Avenue; to introduce new rules
applicable to all Food Trucks operating in the City; and requesting to amend Chapter
30 to allow Food Trucks in the Public Use District subject to the same restrictions
and requirements. There will also be a Zoning Redesign update.

The agenda can be found here.