City Council Committee Meetings

Traffic Council:  The Traffic Council is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, July 27th at 7:00 p.m. in Room 205 – (NOTE Day and Room Change) – and is scheduled to discuss the following:  Request for exemption from parking regulations for residents of School Street and Pearl Street residents between Jewett and Emerson Streets, request for consideration of stop control at the intersection of Nonantum Street, Arlington Street and Shornecliffe Road, and the intersection of Nonantum Street at Hood Street, request for an accessible parking space in front of 154 Chapel Street, request for a 4-way stop controlled intersection at Pearl Street & Jewett Street, request for a change to the parking restrictions along Studio Road at the Aspen Avenue end on the side abutting the college to allow for 2-hour parking,  request for parking restrictions on Myrtle Avenue, Lake Avenue and Unity Street,  request to improve safety along Lasell Street and within the Williams School parking lot by modifying the access restriction onto Lasell Street, request for new RRFBs on Homer Street between City Hall and the Library, and a request for a yield sign on Washington Street, northbound, at the merge onto Beacon Street. The agenda can be found here.