City Council Meetings – Week of May 28th

The following City Council Committees will meet this week:

Land Use Committee:  The Land Use Committee is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, May 30th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers.  The Committee is scheduled to discuss the following petitions: consistency ruling for 95 Elm Street (Paddy’s) requesting a change to locate seats outside; consistency ruling for 131-181 Needham Street requesting a review of changes to entryway signage and design; and a request for a zone change from BU1, BU2 and Public Use to MU4 and a request for a special permit/site plan approval to construct not more than 160 residential units, not exceeding 46,000 square feet of commercial space, not exceeding 2,500 square feet of community space, not less than 350 onsite parking stalls outside at grade or within a below-grade garage, and related site improvements for the Orr Block/Washington Place project (See Draft Board Order, Law Department Memo re:  Draft Board Order, Council Order attachment, Law Department memo regarding a rezoning protest, and Newtonville Area Council Recommendations regarding Washington Place).  The agenda can be found here.