Zoning and Planning Committee to recommend confirmation of ZBA appointee

The Zoning and Planning Committee met on July 20th and voted to approve the appointment by the Mayor of Megan Risen, 47 Grafton Street, as a member of the Planning and Development Board.  The Committee voted 5 in favor with 2 abstentions and 1 member absent.  The Committee Report can be found here and Ms. Risen’s resume can be found here.

In addition, the Zoning and Planning Committee discussed and held the following items:

  • Request made by Alds. Baker, Hess-Mahan and Albright for a discussion with the Planning Department regarding implementation of the Phase 2 Zoning Reform effort.  The Committee appears to have had a lively discussion about the Zoning Reform Phase 2 process and the potential Request for Proposals to be issued, including some errors found in the draft regarding references to ¨transportation¨. the need to highlight issues like the large replacement homes, and master planning vs. creation of a pattern book.  The Chair requested that the RFP be updated to reflect the Committee’s discussion and requested information on how other communities have employed a similar zoning reform process.
  • Request made by Ald. Hess-Mahan, Albright, Baker, Crossley, Danberg, Fischman & Johnson  proposing to amend the definitions of “Common roof connector”, “Common wall connector”, and “Dwelling, two-family” in Chapter 30, Section 30-1 of the City of Newton Zoning Ordinances.  Alderman Hess-Mahan explained that the item originated out of a two-family home that was built which was basically two single-family homes attached by garages with ¨living¨ space  behind the garages. Ald. Hess-Mahan proposed language and the Committee voted to hold the item and requested the Law and Planning Departments as well as members of the Land Use Committee to consider whether there could be ways to circumvent the intent of the proposal and asked the Planning Department for more clarity with regard to the use of the terms ¨attached¨ and ¨detached¨.  The Committee voted to hold this item.
  • The final item on the agenda:  The Planning and Development Department requesting that Chapter 30 ZONING be deleted in its entirety and replaced with the Zoning Reform Phase 1 Zoning Ordinance was held without discussion.

The complete Zoning and Planning Committee report can be found here.