Land Use Committee to recommend Needham Street project and Wells Avenue project to Full Board, Monday, August 10th

The Land Use Committee is expected to recommend two projects to the Full Board on Monday, August 10th:

  • Petition for a special permit and site plan approval to convert existing retail space to a restaurant use, to allow parking requirements to be met off-site at 188-210 Needham Street, to allow parking within a setback in a parking facility with 5 or less parking stalls, to waive offstreet loading requirements, and to waive lighting and screening requirements in a parking facility at 180 Needham Street ad to amend a previously approved special permit and site plan approval for property located at 188-210 Needham Street.  The Land Use Committee report can be found here.  The Draft Special Permits can be found here and here.
  • Petition for a special permit  to demolish a portion of an existing one-story building and construct a 3-story addition adjacent to the remaining portion of the building, which will increase the gross floor area in the aggregate to 20,000 or more from the existing 68,740 gross square feet to 132,598 gross square feet; to construct one or more retaining walls which may be greater than 4 feet within the setbacks; to allow parking in the rear setback; and to waive the required driveway width for property located at 2 Wells Avenue.  The most recent Land Use Committee report discussing this petition can be found here.  The draft Special Permit can be found here, the Draft Amendment to the Deed Restriction can be found here, and the Traffic Mitigation Fund Agreement can be found here.

The following petitions were held and their public hearings were continued to a date to be determined:

  • petition for a special permit and site plan approval to change an existing nonconforming use to another nonconforming use in order to convert an existing clubhouse to a multi-family dwelling with five units and to waive one parking stall and to allow parking within the front setback at 15 South Gate Park.
  • petition for a special permit and site plan approval to allow an increase in Floor Area Ratio from .45 to .58 for a customized modular home that was previously permitted for property located at 14 Charlemont Street.
  • petition to amend a special permit and site plan approval for a change in non-conforming use that was previously granted in order to allow office and storage space in the basement and to re-stripe an existing parking lot to create five parking stalls, where four currently exist, and to waive the dimensional requirements for the parking stalls for property located at 242-244 Commonwealth Avenue.

The corresponding land use reports on the items listed above can be found here and here.